Hi! Welcome to our new HomeEc site! Here you’ll find info on all current and past events, plus a spot that will keep track of  all our past co-hosts and participants.

…in case you were trying to remember the name of that guy that makes that cool hotsauce, or that awesome marmalade you tried etc… but you drank a few too many beers and got distracted talking to someone about fermentation and didn’t remember to get a card and you really liked the hot sauce and want to know where to find it…..

We’ve been hosting our monthly HomeEc night since 2012. Once a month We pick a theme and invite 3 or 4 local producers, makers or projects to attend and contribute. Creating a small curated event in the casual atmosphere of our local watering hole. Our current partner venue Hi-Lo Bar in Riverside, creates a theme-related cocktail and snack, and works with us to create a fun atmosphere and promote future events and participants. This is an informal night (there isn’t any lectures or lessons or anything like that); we’re bringing along some friends that we thought you might be interested in chatting with …or just come and enjoy a snack and a beer with us. we’d love that.

We are open to ideas and collaborations…feel free to send us a message: hello@wellpreserved.ca

If you’re interested in participating…please fill out a quick application and we’ll be in touch.

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