Joel will be speaking at the Incredible Edibles Festival up in beautiful Campbleford this summer! We’re both really excited to hang out and meet everyone and just have a great day ourselves. Check out more details HERE….and…um…did someone say GOAT DERBY!!??

photo by: Judith Anderson

Joel MacCharles – Preserving in the age of convenience.

Is preserving food relevant in a world where we expect our food in ’30 minutes or it’s free?’  Doesn’t it take too much time, money or skill to learn how to preserve – and isn’t it easier just to buy food than make it?  If preserving is about making jam and pickles, how in the world could preserving have a significant impact on my kitchen and what I eat?

Joel will take a light-hearted look at preserving food and examine many of the obstacles that prevent people from living with a fully stocked pantry in 2014.  He will make the argument that preserving is as relevant as any time in history – and perhaps even more relevant than ever before.  He’ll share a quick introduction to 7 different methods of preserving and leave you excited to preserved more food, get back to old family traditions or to make the time to create new ones.

WellPreserved was created on December 27, 2008 by Dana Harrison and Joel MacCharles and is currently an archive of more than 1,700 articles and recipes shared through our weekly newsletter and several online communities anchored by We write about topics that are broadly food-related including hunting, urban gardening, foraging, food security, small farms, farmers markets, sustainable fish, and of course preserving among many other things.

WellPreserved is an extension of our kitchen and our life together.

Joel Bio

Joel is a home cook and writer. He loves to cook a great meal, but beyond that he is passionate about learning, understanding the impact of our food choices, getting to know where food comes from and the people who help bring it to the table. Joel’s love of food takes him into the woods to forage and hunt, to meet farmers and chefs, and to explore the culture around food Joel’s speech on preserving was a highlight of TedXToronto 2013.



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