Thank you for your interest in sponsoring one of our Home Ec events. We tend to look at it as co-hosting because we really encourage sharing ideas, collaboration and active participation from everyone involved. HomeEc is built around the premise of strength in numbers and ‘All ships rise with the tide” we really believe in strength in numbers and the hope is that everyone who participates brings their own fans and ideas to the table so the fun, and exposure is incremental. There’s some great testimonials toward the bottom of the page, please scroll down to check them out!

**SPECIAL EVENT** The HomeEc Big Outdoor Kitchen Party 

We are currently looking for Sponsors/Co-hosts for this event on Sunday September 14 20014. This is going to be fantastic! A fun day celebrating Toronto, food, small batch producers with some special guests doing short talks and performances, some relaxing on the ‘grass’ at the Harbourfront Commons enjoying some great conversation and something tasty  all set to some great unplugged music. Lots of opportunities for  some great co-hosting activations!

Please read the attached PDF for more information.


Monthly Events

Each monthly HomeEc event revolves around a theme (eg. Hot Sauce, Craft Beer) and we have space for ONE Co-host that is appropriate for that theme. We are happy to talk about ideas for future themes and what we currently have in the works so that we can plan the best spot for you. Please send us an email to:

Benefits of monthly event Co-hosting include:

• promoting across social media and both our websites for the month leading up to the event
• opportunity for promoting a giveaway on the night of the event
• profile/links in our weekly newsletters leading up to the event (4 weeks)
• sidebar advertisement on for the month leading up to the event
• permanent link in our event recap post on
• permanent link on the ILoveHomeEc Alumni page

Additionally we could work with you to create custom content (a collaborative recipe, a post about your process and infographic etc.)

Please contact us for pricing

A little bit about HomeEc.

We’ve been hosting our monthly HomeEc night for over 2 years now (over 26 individual events in Toronto as of May 2014). Once a month we pick a theme and invite 3 or 4 local producers, makers or projects to attend and contribute. Creating a small curated event over a theme in the casual atmosphere of our local bar. Our current partner venue Hi-Lo Bar in Riverside, creates a theme related cocktail and snack, and works with us to create a fun atmosphere and promote future events and participants. We work at promoting the HomeEc event and building local familiarity and consistency, so we create a constantly building audience for the event, rather than having to build from scratch each individual event that we do. More powerful, more efficient, better numbers.

We started HomeEc as a way to connect in person with our local audience, and through the years we’ve realized that by building a regular event and ‘brand’ we can leverage the consistency and familiarity with the ‘brand’ to help promote a network of sponsors and small businesses while keeping the idea fresh and interesting and constantly evolving.

The idea is ‘strength in numbers’. We know our audience is always on the lookout for interesting ideas, projects, products. Being active in our local food community has given us the opportunity to become familiar with a large number of great projects. Being a small business ourselves we know how hard it is to ‘go it alone’ so we try to find ways to band together  to bring the audience what it wants in a really fun and meaningful way.

Leading up to the event we have nearly 5x the social media coverage, in that all of the participants (past, present and future) have a vested interest in helping to promote HomeEc within their circles. On the night of the event, we invite any bloggers, online or traditional media who want to come out early to meet and/or interview the participants. Then once the night gets underway it gives the participating partners a unique opportunity to talk to people trying their product and to meet  the other participants…often resulting in lasting connections to both new consumers and other small businesses in their community.

We are always looking for opportunities to reach key influencers in the food and drink blogosphere, so when we were asked to participate at a HomeEC event, we jumped at the opportunity.  The event was well organized, but more importantly, we received a ton of exposure on social media and in traffic to our site.  Given another opportunity, we would attend, no question. – Steve Riley,

So far our 2014 events have been incredibly well attended, a lot of them playing host to more than 100 people* throughout the evening…on a normally quiet ‘school night’ (Wednesday).
Other HomeEc events have included 2 sold out talks on fermenting at the Cookbook Store, in which people came as far as Buffalo and Parry Sound on a weeknight to see us speak. And a packed house of 40 people came to our first ‘preserving 101’ talk.

*Hi-Lo is a small bar with a capacity of 60


Gavin Holmes – Hi-Lo Bar

It has been a great honor and privilege to work alongside Dana and Joel of WellPreserved for the past 5 months. Their professionalism and enthusiasm is second to none. The monthly HomeEc event we host with them at Hi-Lo has been a success from the start with each event increasing in attendance, so much so that we now bring in two extra staff to manage the volume of patrons. The HomeEc nights are by far our most popular and lucrative events we host, many regulars visited us for the
first time on these nights and now drop by to see us numerous times a week.  I look forward with anticipation and great excitement for the upcoming events with the WellPreserved team.

David Ort – Author “the Canadian Craft Beer Cookbook”

Joel and Dana attract a passionate and deeply interested audience to their HomeEc events.
The craft beer night was one of the most engaging and exciting events I’ve participated in
during the promotion campaign for my cookbook. By the end of the evening I felt like I had l
earned as much from the attendees as they did from me.

Carlos & Sandra – No. 7 Hot Sauce

When we were asked to attend The HomeEc hot sauce evening we were thrilled. The Evening itself was so much Fun and well put together. Being winter you never know how the turnout will be. This event turned out to be a full house with plenty of excited people ready to taste hot sauce and enjoy the stories behind each sauce and their makers. The evening was well loved by everyone who attended, the tweets were a living proof and there was a lot of “when can we do this again”.

Steve Riley –

We are always looking for opportunities to reach key influencers in the food and drink blogosphere, so when we were asked to participate at a HomeEC event, we jumped at the opportunity.  The event was well organized, but more importantly, we received a ton of exposure on social media and in traffic to our site.  Given another opportunity, we would attend, no question.

Brock Shepard – Kensington Brewing Company

Kensington Brewing Company had the pleasure of participating in a HomeEc event earlier this year, and found Dana & Joel put on a fun & creative event & they pull in an awesome crowd too!

Rebekkah Hutton – Alchemy Pickle

WellPreserved is an incredible force that drives a healthy online community and themed monthly events locally.  As a Toronto based fermented food and drink company, I got to participate in the April HomeEc event “Get Pickled”. It was a busy night packed with serious pickle enthusiasts who sampled everything on offer from the 3 companies there. Always a treat to spend time with WellPreserved.

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