Supicucu is the moniker of chef Rossy Earle who brings the flavours of her native Panama (and Latin Americal) to Toronto through her amazing sauces. Diablo’s Fuego is the most amazing hot sauce. It’s so amazing that people who ‘don’t like hot sauce’ or heat…drink it straight. You can find it in various retail locations all over Toronto. Check the website or facebook page for locations. You might want to buy a few when you find it…or if you happen to run into Rossy at one of Toronto’s many food events she usually has a case in her car.


If you want to see some of the love this city has for the stuff… check out the SupiCucu twitter feed….just don’t follow Rossy on instagram, her photos are beautiful but they will make you hungry.

FYI Rossy did a lot of the food and prop styling on our friend David Ort’s “The Canadian Craft Beer Cookbook”…another HomeEc alumni!

In case you’re wondering ‘SupiCucu’  (soopy-coo-coo)  is an expression Rossy’s dad says when he finds something particularly delicious. The typography is meant to have the feel of a Mola design which is a traditional panamanian textile art form. How do we know? Dana designed the SupiCucu logo….check it out…