Monthly Home Ec Event at HiLo 

Leading up to HomeEc

We will provide you with the following information on the specific event page here on this site!
• Twitter and instagram handles for your co-participants/cohorts, and the venue
• poster PDF you can print out and put up in your favourite local spots
• JPGs you can easily post and share

*Please share and link liberally! Encourage your fans and customers to come out and spend time with you. It’s a great casual atmosphere, you can build on your existing relationships as well as make new ones.

Day of HomeEc!

• Promote like mad! we’ll help you by sharing tweets and posts…


**use the hashtag #ILoveHomeEC


– please plan to arrive around 7pm to setup and chat with us before people start coming. It gets busy Quick so it’s a great opportunity for us to talk to you too. We also sometimes have other bloggers and media who want to do interviews and are looking to create content. Another great opportunity to get the word out later!

Vendor Guidlines for the Kitchen Party at Harbourfront Commons


Load In/Out and Parking

· Vendors agree to adhere to the load in and load out schedule, to be provided by the Harbourfront Centre Coordinator in advance of the market date.

· Load in and load out access will be allowed for a short period of time for the purpose of delivering and striking merchandise and/or equipment only. Vendors are allowed a maximum of 30 minutes to park and unload their merchandise next to Exhibition Common. Due to the ongoing construction on Queens Quay Blvd West, property access can be limited, therefore assigned load in and load out times must be strictly adhered to.

· Parking is the responsibility of the Vendor.

Booth Placement

· Harbourfront Centre will assign booth locations and reserves the right to re-assign tent(s)/ booth(s) at any time.

· Vendors shall not sublet any or all of their exhibit space, nor have merchandise or representatives from companies other than their own, within their booth, without the prior written approval

· Vendors must install, arrange and conduct their exhibits only in the location allocated to them in a neat and orderly manner. Public access routes must be kept clear.

· Vendors are required to confine their merchandise and activities within the limits of their allocated space.

· Vendor-provided tents must be freestanding, weighted, and no larger than 10’x10′ in size. Tents may not be affixed to, drilled, or staked into the ground in any manner.

Backdrop and Display Equipment

· Harbourfront Centre expects each Vendor to present their merchandise in an attractive way. Backdrops for booths are not supplied. Please bring your own backdrop for your booth if required. Items such as tablecloths, racks and shelving are the responsibility of each Vendor. Harbourfront Centre does not provide nails, tape, staples or backdrops, or display lighting for booths.

· All signage must be professionally and/or creatively prepared. Harbourfront retains the right to remove inappropriate signs.

· Hanging a flag of any kind is not permitted.

· As a mandated fire control measure, absolutely NO halogen lighting is allowed.

Vendor Merchandise

· Harbourfront Centre prohibits the sale of the following: flags, knock-off designer merchandise (handbags, jewelry, clothing etc.); mass-produced novelty items/ toys/ giftware/ electronics (ex. bubble guns or light sabers); religious-themed products; counterfeit merchandise.

· Harbourfront Centre’s programming is heavily dependent upon the generous support of sponsors, some of which have exclusive on-site privileges. In order to uphold existing sponsor agreements, Harbourfront Centre prohibits the sale of the following: bottled beverages, beer, pet food, milk and cheese, ice cream and frozen novelties, coffee.

· Single serve instant consumable products are not permitted. Takeaway food products, such as jams, pickles, preserves, and bulk baked goods are permitted. For clarification on permitted items, please speak to the Harbourfront Centre Coordinator.

Booth Operation and Conduct

· Vendors will operate their booths in Exhibition Common at Harbourfront Centre between 10am and 4pm.

· Vendors may only sell the items requested in their application form, as approved by Harbourfront Centre.

· Vendors are asked to respect ongoing performances in adjacent squares and the other vendors at Harbourfront Centre and refrain from bringing any audio devices (portable stereos, radios, CD players, etc.)

· Vendors must keep their booths opened and staffed the entire duration of the operating hours as outlined in this agreement. Vendor booths operate rain or shine. Vendors must be ready for business at the designated start time and close promptly at the designated close time.

· Vendors are responsible for staffing their booths, collecting and remitting sales taxes obtaining any required Ontario business licenses and all other aspects of running their booth.

· Please ensure that garbage is deposited in trash cans and not left on the ground or in and around the booth.

Marketing, Media and Archival Recording

· Harbourfront Centre will promote the vendors in Exhibition Common in collective advertising, online, and through social media and other outlets.

· Vendors are also expected to promote the event through their social media and online presence, and through personal and business contacts.

· Vendors agree to allow Harbourfront Centre the use of photographs of their products and links to their websites for promotional purposes.

· Harbourfront Centre reserves the right to take photographs and/or video of all activities on the Harbourfront Centre site for archival and promotional purposes only.

· Vendors acknowledge that authorized local media are entitled to record excerpts for news broadcast only, provided such excerpts shall not exceed two (2) minutes continuous duration.

Payment and Cancellation

· In honour of Harbourfront Centre’s 40th anniversary, this year vendor fees in Exhibition Common are only $40/day.

· Vendor fees are non-refundable. Cancellations are the responsibility of the Vendor. Vendor fees paid cannot be carried forward to another month if you cancel.


· Harbourfront Centre recommends that the Vendor, at his/her own expense, take out and maintain comprehensive property damage, public liability and theft and loss coverage or other insurance as necessary.

· Harbourfront Centre is not be responsible for theft, damage due to water, fire or any other damages to the Vendors’ equipment or merchandise, or loss of property belonging to the Vendor.

· Harbourfront Centre assumes no responsibility for sales, inclement weather, and makes no guarantees of attendance.

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